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Complete Batting Cages

Packages consist of a #24 residential quality net and a frame kit, each detailed below. Frames do not include 10' poles, which are available at most hardware stores. Look for Lowes SKU# 72717 or Home Depot SKU# 580023, 1-1/4" thin wall EMT conduit. Ground stakes are recommended to secure the frame in windy locations but they are not included. Number of EMT pieces required: 32x32' frame: 24; 30' long: 18; 40-60' long: 23; 70' long: 28. Prices include shipping to continental US.


Batting Cage Frame Kits

  • Durable 1-1/2" steel frame corners and poles
  • Includes all hardware to hang your net
  • Free standing
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Save huge shipping charges by supplying your own 10 ft poles
  • Free shipping to continental US

This frame kit is an easy and economical way to hang a batting cage net in any open space. Kit comes with everything you need to assemble and hang your net except for the 10 ft poles, which are available at most hardware stores. Look for Lowes SKU# 72717 or Home Depot SKU# 580023, 1-1/4" thin wall EMT conduit. Ground stakes are recommended to secure the frame in windy locations - not included. Number of EMT pieces required: 55 ft long: 23; 70 ft long: 28.


Batting Cage Nets

  • Twisted, knotted twine, hung on the square for a clean look
  • 4 ft wide overlapping door at one end for easy entry and exit from the batting cage
  • Three top ropes to minimize sag
  • Full rope borders
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Will not shrink or absorb water
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Free shipping to continental US

Nets are constructed of twisted knotted twine for optimum strength. Each fiber is treated with two chemicals to protect the premium polyethylene blend against the sun and enables the netting to retain its strength for a longer period of time. Enjoy quality construction and top of the line features at a reasonable price. #24 nets are residential quality. #36 and #42 are commercial quality.

Residential Quality Commercial Quality

Ceiling Mounted Cage Frames

  • Constructed of 1-1/2", 16 gauge, galvanized steel pipe
  • Uses heavy duty pulley system and 1/4" suspension cable that raises and lowers frame from the ceiling
  • Power winch operated, self-leveling suspension system
  • When not in use, net folds on top of frame to clear air space
  • Adaptable to virtually any ceiling structure
  • Free shipping to continental US

Frame lowers from the ceiling to set up your indoor batting cage in minutes. When you're done, stow the net on the frame and push a button to raise it back to the ceiling. Net sold separately.


Protective Screens

A variety of quality screens for batting cage or on-field use. All feature powder coated steel tube and pillowcase type netting for easy assembly. Free shipping to continental US.



4 x 6 ft vinyl backstop with catcher Image is a great addition for your batting cage for added protection or pitching practice. This heavy duty vinyl backstop provides extended support for your batting cage netting and stops the hardest pitched balls with no problem. Not only will this help protect your batting cage for years to come, it will provide excellent support for athletes looking to improve their pitching accuracy and skill. Free shipping to continental US.


What Our Customers Say

"The iPitch control panel is effortless, allowing you to set up any pitch you want with great accuracy. I find the machine to be highly versatile. From batting practice, to tracking fly balls, to catchers drills, our coaching staff use the machines everyday. I would highly recommend the Rawlings Pro Line 3 wheel pitching machine for anyone looking to improve their overall program."

“Simply put, Spinball makes the best machines we have ever used. They are extremely accurate, light but sturdy, and easy to maneuver by one person. I started using Spinball two wheel machines at Appalachian State in 2011 and we have continued using them to this day at Duke University. We incorporate our Spinball machine into every practice. I have used both the two wheel and three wheel machines and can strongly recommend both!”

“The Kaskaskia Softball team purchased a Spinball 2 wheel pitching machine this fall to help with our hitting. Every year I have players that cannot either hit the faster pitches at the college level, or the slower changeup speeds. The Spinball 2 wheel has the power to throw different pitches such as the curve, drop, fast, and change. This allows my team to work on these pitches so they are ready for game day. We use the Spinball all year round in our indoor batting cages and outside on our field. The Spinball is light, so we are able to transport the machine to where our needs may be at that time. I recommend Spinball for any age team.”

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